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Tools we use in our Woodshop

We consider ourselves as hybrid woodworkers using vintage and modern machinery along side traditional hand tools.

We have a restored Wadkin 24’’ under and over planer which was originally built in 1955. A 1955 Robinson bandsaw and to complete our vintage machinery line up a 1954 Cooksley combination machine, with a circular saw, planer and spindle moulder.

We also have a good selection of modern machinery. We have a modern combination machine, a Jet spindle moulder, Dewalt radial arm saw and a Logosol PH260 4 sided planer moulder which allows us to manufacture bespoke items to customers requirements such as skirting board, architrave and bespoke wooden flooring. After all the wood is prepared we are able to finally sand it using our 24’’ wide belt sander.

Our array of hand tools are to numerous to list, but include all the normal tools you would expect to see in a woodshop.